Restorative Care


  In our practice we believe in using the most current dental materials to restore your child’s teeth.  If cavities are detected, a composite tooth-colored filling will be used to match the natural tooth color.  It will also release fluoride to prevent further decay.

  Some teeth require full coverage (crowns) due to extensive decay or fracture.  The type of crown used is generally determined by the location of the tooth.

Cosmetic bonding has become a significant part of Dr. Mark’s practice.  Most often, the bonding is used to improve the appearance of a discolored or chipped tooth, closing spaces between teeth or to change the shape of a tooth.

  If your child is congenitally missing one or more permanent teeth a Maryland (bonded) Bridge may be indicated.  This will replace the teeth until the patient is old enough to receive a dental implant (approximately 18-21 years old).